Retainer Fee
Upon your signature and Retainer Fee within in 24 hours, the Photographer will reserve the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, the Retainer Fee is non-refundable, even if the date is changed or event cancelled for any reason, including acts of God, fire, strike, and extreme weather. The Retainer Fee is to be paid at time of signing the contract. The Retainer Fee is applied towards the contracted Shoot Package. Client understands and agrees that the entire amount owed for the Shoot Package described in the contract is due on the day of the Shoot. Client agrees if the balance is not paid by this time, the Photographer will not photograph the Client, with a loss of Retainer Fee by Client and no liability to the Photographer.                                                       
The finalized location cannot be changed at any point.  If there is a need to change the finalized location, it is to the discretion of the photographer and a change of location/travel fees may apply.
Shooting commences at the scheduled start time agreed by both parties. Should additional photography and/or travel time, that is not included in the agreed package, be requested by the Client, it will be charged out at the rates specified by the Photographer.
If the Client is more than 15 minutes late.  The shoot is considered cancelled.
Digital Negatives, Prints and Copyrights
The photographs, digital negatives or prints produced by the Photographer are protected by International Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and the Photographer retains the copyright to all photos and images produced. The Client may receive a copy of the hi-res digital edited photographs as part of the Shoot Package. The Client may reproduce any photos in any manner they like for internal and external purposes. The Client agrees to obtain written permission from the Photographer prior to the Client (or its assigned agents) publishing or selling the photographs for profit.
Clients can purchase the rights to all or partial photos if they choose for a negotiated price.
Completion Schedule
The Client agrees that no part of the Shoot Package, including previews will be delivered until the Outstanding Balance is paid in full. Digital copies will be given to the Client after the Shoot, in the form of an Online Photo Gallery, or other medium, assuming the Outstanding Balance has been paid.
Allow up to 10 business days for final edits to be provided, after the selections are made.
If no photos are chosen for final edits within 5 days of proofs being sent. The Client relinquishes their right for edits.
Cancellation/ Rescheduling 
The Client must cancel with a 72 Hours notice from the established shoot date. This cancellation will only allow for a single change of date with no additional fee.  Any additional change of date request will result in a 40% charge.   Retainer fee is not refunded.
Any cancellation within 72 Hours, the shoot will result in no change of date and a 40% charge for cancelation fee..
Cancellation due to an act of God will allow for a single change of date.
Cancellation due to the Photographer will result in a return of retainer fee and all money paid to the Client.
Essential Personnel 
The Client is allowed one additional personnel for assistants/BTS/comfort.  The photographer must be notified of the personnel before the shoot.
The personnel is not allowed to interfere with the shoot and if so may be asked to leave or the shoot could result in a cancelation with not rescheduling.

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